In the era of information-overload, we say

Let there be information!

Now let's empower you to do great things with it

We believe information is powerless; it’s informed people who are powerful.

This belief is why everything we do is to help move people from information-overwhelm to informed changemakers.

We’re lucky to live in an era of limitless information literally in our pockets wherever we go. Using advanced information management tools, we give organizations the edge to tame it, channel it, and unleash it —  serving up exactly the information people need, when and where they need it.

Global headquarters
  • Helsingborg, Sweden

UTOMO was founded in answer to the rapidly changing information landscape for several global electronics companies. Today, we’re excited to help companies see the potential in their information regardless of what you sell or where you are. From tennis rackets and clothing to consulting services, real estate and even sperm banks, information management empowers growth.

It’s exciting to be at the tipping point for information management. To see how it’s making marketers more effective, making companies more efficient, giving consumers a better experience. We're continually blown away by what more informed people are capable of achieving.

Samuel LindstedtCEO, UTOMO

Discover the UTOMO suite of product information management tools

UTOMO PIM offers an array of asset and content management tools (integrating DAM, MDM, CMS and more) with customizable modules and portals to help you enrich the experience for customers, partners and employees.

Explore partnership opportunities with UTOMO to empower more companies

As part of our partner program, together we can open doors and package unique solutions to serve the growing number of companies seeking smarter information management.

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Motivating each other and seeing others succeed is our happy place. Oh, and we're not sure a day really counts if there hasn't been a challenge to win, and a good laugh. You?

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