What untapped power does your information hold?

UTOMO PIM empowers companies not just to tame information but to unleash more of its value

Imagine instead of emails, spreadsheets and shared folders, all your information is updated via a single, secure source – a PIM. Let’s say you sell guitars and need to update the price or some marketing copy. You change it in one place and instantly that guitar’s new info is updated everywhere, from your website and e-commerce to your PDF leaflets. And that’s just the tiniest hint of what UTOMO PIM can help you do.

UTOMO PIM (Product Information Management) empowers you to create, manage, and distribute your product information faster and smarter. Yet beyond management, UTOMO enables you to enrich the experience with more relevant details, visuals, stories, and opportunities to boost sales.

Peace of mind with SaaS (Software as a Service)

Free up IT time as we take care of everything. 
Data security | Total mobility | Unlimited updates included

Tame it
  • Centralize and sync
  • Track progress
  • Automate routines
  • Control access
  • Verify accuracy
Unleash it
  • Publish in seconds
  • Enrich your storytelling
  • Boost user experience
  • Increase e-commerce
  • Enter new channels
Channel it
  • Push to all channels
  • Link multimedia
  • Customize by user
  • Open collaboration
  • Update in real time
  • Adapt to cross-screen buying behavior
  • Localize offers
  • Create digital and print
  • Update remotely

We easily merged our multiple brands’ data into one powerhouse brand using UTOMO.

ClemondoSimplify data mergers

Our RFQ process has gone from days to just seconds with the UTOMO Sales Module, with no more accidental mistakes in our proposals.

EKTSpeed up sales processes

We've been able to extend our products to hundreds of digital locations with less effort than we used to do for just a fraction of locations.

AOCExpand digital presence

One of my favorite stories was hearing that our customer contact was promoted three times over two years because of the efficiencies he created using UTOMO.

Ann-Christin, VP Brand UTOMOStreamline internal operations

Now we're able to control, enrich and clean our feeds, and can fully trust the data we receive from partners.

MMDIncrease data trust

I loved seeing a customer able to shift a whole team to other work because now just one person does what a whole department used to do.

Barron, VP Sales Americas UTOMOSave costs and maximize staff time

Having all our data in one place simplifies transport to various channels – from internal ERP and website CMS to external customer CMS or PIMs.

Universal ElectronicsEasily transport data to various channels

PIM Plus

Ready when you are

Beyond standard PIM solutions, UTOMO is a complete and continuously adapting information management suite. With an array of content management tools, customizable modules and portals, you’re ready for tomorrow at the pace that fits your ambitions. No need to switch systems, start over, or use precious IT time. It’s all ready for you in UTOMO. Just say “Go!”

UTOMO PIM offers a fully customizable, modular set-up, which means you activate exactly the functionality you need today. Then easily add or adjust to fit expanding needs tomorrow. Below are just a few of our UTOMO PIM Plus modules. We’re continually evolving new solutions to meet changing information challenges, as well as customizing modules to meet specific customer requests. (Click the tabs above to learn more about our Portals, Connections, and Content Management tools, too.)

Sales Module

Streamline sales with automated processes, such as RFQ generation, and instantly email to prospects

Channel Manager

Enrich and push information with direct connections to any internal and external systems

Marketing Generator

Reduce marketing costs and time by instantly creating designed flyers, PDFs, catalogs, brochures and more

Media Gallery

Gain total control over your assets and automate processes such as converting image sizes from thumbnails to billboards

Document Builder

Create and share vital documents such as instruction manuals and production specs with updates in real time

Export Scheduler

Plan and manage all jobs to auto-send — from Excel spreadsheets and data dumps to newsletters and emails.

UTOMO Portals allow people in various roles to view, input and retrieve information based on their specific user profile – giving you hyper-granular control over your information, and giving them ease and accuracy to find what they need.

  • Product portal
  • Marketing enrichment portal
  • Company overview portals
  • E-learning portal
  • Training portal
  • Reseller portal
  • Intranet portal
  • Investor relations portal
  • External/internal sales portals

Every connection you need is fully integrated within UTOMO PIM, from syndication partners, marketplaces, websites, and landing pages to your legacy systems. Simply turn on the connections you need.

Plus lots more

Listed here are just a few of the connections we serve. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for ready to go in UTOMO PIM.

  • Alibaba
  • Amazon
  • bol.com
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • HubSpot
  • Microsoft Dynamics 360
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • BigCommerce
  • EpiServer
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Sitecore
  • Epicor ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Sage Intacct
  • SAP
  • API
  • FTP
  • JSON
  • Social
  • MS Office
Content syndication
  • CNET
  • Icecat
  • Flixmedia
  • loadbee
  • Syndigo

A range of data and content management solutions exist today. With UTOMO, you get all those benefits integrated within one system. For example, the integrated CMS functions help you get all your photos, videos, documents, etc. sorted in one place. Plus, UTOMO automatically converts and enhances images so the system can create everything from a thumbnail to a billboard from the same core image.


Digital Asset Management (DAM) creates a searchable library of all your digital assets, from photos and videos to CAD drawings and more.


Master Data Management (MDM) processes, verifies and centralizes business-critical information and back-end data.


Content Management System (CMS) helps you collaborate in creating, editing and publishing content to enhance your customers' digital experience.


Automatically generate and add meta tags and copyright information to track and protect your digital assets

Whether you're a large-scale enterprise with massive data, or a small business ready to scale, we'll have you up and running with UTOMO PIM in just weeks.

Getting started is easy as

1 ... 2 ... 3 ...



We help you collect, verify and clean info from all your sources, including ERPs, CRMs, DAMs, PLMs, suppliers, data pools and more.


Enrich with stories, images, videos, CAD, and more from across roles like product owners, merchandizers, and marketers.


Plan, schedule and publish across any channel from websites and E-commerce to CMS, POS, syndication partners, vendor portals and even print resources.

What other smart companies are asking …

How is UTOMO different from other PIMs out there?

Simply put, we offer much more than a basic PIM. UTOMO is a complete enterprise suite at a small fraction of the cost. Both our large and our small customers receive the same system from day one, but only pay for how much they use – because we want to be there long-term, empowering and growing with them. But we believe showing is better than telling, so click “Book a demo” at the bottom of this page or contact us at hello@utomopim.com and we’ll show you the difference.

We’re a global company with massive data and dozens of languages. Can you help us?

Absolutely! Most of our customers are large-scale companies with expanding global footprints serving about 30 languages, often with multiple languages in the same region. Our system was designed to easily handle this kind of massive scale with unlimited information sources and attributes. We’ll help you with the whole process of gathering, validating, and synchronizing your data to bring it all into one, secure, centralized source.

Can you help us find new revenue streams once we’re up and running with UTOMO?

Yes! Our team has helped other businesses brainstorm new revenue opportunities that weren’t possible before they centralized and automated their data sources via UTOMO. We’d be happy to do the same for you. Once all your information – about customers, products, services and more – is organized in one place, you’d be surprised what new doors will open with less effort than you can imagine.

We have a very static website today. Can you help us make it more dynamic?

Definitely! UTOMO is ideal for powering today’s dynamic website experiences. We can help you seamlessly integrate your website with UTOMO and your centralized information. In seconds, you can create a featured product highlight, add a live video feed from an event, update your About Us pages according to staff changes, or localize campaigns for different regions.

Our organization uses Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). We know Microsoft and most apps are phasing IE11 out, but can we still work with UTOMO now? What about other browsers?

UTOMO works great with all major browsers, for example: IE11, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Plus, with our Portals you also have access across all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. If you’re using a different browser, get in touch at hello@utomopim.com as we’re able to customize to most set-ups.

Our current e-commerce site can’t handle all our needs. Can UTOMO overwrite or enhance it?

Yes, we’re doing this already for customers today. For example, one company was primarily selling in bulk to B2B customers, but wanted to start offering individual units for consumers. Their e-commerce site couldn’t auto-convert the pricing from bulk to unit-based, but with UTOMO it’s easy. UTOMO’s added information and functionality begins to enrich the experience where most e-commerce sites leave off.

I’m a current customer and we have a new idea for how to leverage our information within UTOMO, but can’t find a module for it. What can we do?

Great! We love to create new value for our customers. Often it can be solved within our existing functionality, but sometimes it inspires a whole new module. In fact, many of our modules have been developed based on new ideas from current customers as we continuously adapt to exponentially growing information needs. Just talk with your account director and we’ll decide the best option in your case.

How can I see if UTOMO is a fit for our specific business and offering?

It’s easy! Just book a demo and we can show you exactly how the system can work in your specific case. Before a demo, we gather some info and insights about your business so we can dive right into showing exactly what we can do for you, or not do in some cases. To book a demo, just scroll down and click “Book a demo” at the bottom of this page or contact us at hello@utomopim.com

A demo is worth 1,000,000 words.

(Psst ... Let us show you how to handle a lot more info than that.)

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