Product Information Management (PIM) for modern manufacturing

Does it feel like your product information workflows are stuck in a time before Industry 4.0 was even a thing? You’re not alone. Traditional methods like spreadsheets, emails, and drop boxes are now anchors rather than accelerators. That’s why PIM is a hot topic for manufacturers right now. Learn how you can modernize.

3 workflows manufacturers can streamline with PIM

Now is a great time to think through what workflows you could streamline by end of year. We’ve outlined 3 key Product Information Management workflows to help you kick-start the discussion with your team. Get the free download here.

So what is PIM?

People can mean different things when they say Product Information Management or PIM.

The job

Product Information Management is the workflows and tasks involved with managing product information across all channels throughout the lifecycle of your products (i.e., the job).

The tool

In the case of UTOMO PIM, it's a SaaS solution (i.e., the tool) to help you control, enrich, and distribute the information to develop, produce, market, and sell your products.

Basically, we're here to make the job
faster, smoother and smarter.

How others are using PIM

Having all our data in one place simplifies transport to various channels – from internal ERP and website CMS to external customer CMS or PIMs.

Universal Electronics

We've been able to extend our products to hundreds of digital locations with less effort than we used to do for just a fraction of locations.


Now we're able to control, enrich and clean our feeds, and we can fully trust the data we receive from partners.

Hi! We’re UTOMO

We believe information is powerless; it's informed people who are powerful.

In everything we do, we ask one big question: “How can we make information work for people and not the other way around?” With a SaaS suite for Product Information Management (PIM), we empower the people within organizations by making product information work for them – smoother and smarter.

3 workflows manufacturers can streamline with PIM

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